Karefree Ranch Boarding Stables

We offer many options for boarding including pasture board, private and semi-private lots with run-in shelters, group boarding in compatible groups with shelters and boxstalls with daily turnout. Our prices start at $150 per month. We also do short term boarding with a daily rate We can customize a boarding package to suit your special needs. (We do not accept stallions.) The owners are lifelong horse owners and live on site. We are adjacent to the Huron National Forest with many miles of wooded trails and are a short trailer ride away from the Michigan Cross-State Riding and Hiking Trail, McKinley Camp being the closest camp to our ranch (about 10 miles by road). We are located in Oscoda County, 100 miles north of Saginaw, Michigan and 200 miles north of Detroit, 45 miles off I-75 and 4 miles off state highway M-72. Roads are paved to within 1/4 mile of the ranch which is located on a quiet country road.

We feed top quality mixed hay free choice and whatever grain your horse requires. We specialize in geriatric horses and can feed equine senior feed and/or Chaffhaye if needed. All grain is kept in covered horse and mouse proof bins. Our pasture board is a 20 acre area with live stream for year round water supply. There are hills and trees for shelter and it is in view of our home. Hay is provided daily and all horses are checked daily.


Horses in our run-in lots have access to segregated stalls daily for their individual grain needs. Salt and mineral feeders are in each run-in shed and fencing is four strand high tensile wire with electric. Water tanks are in each pen with heaters in cold weather.


Boxstalls are 10' x 10', wood lined, with rubber matted floors & sawdust bedding. Daily turnout is a 3 acre paddock with 4 strand electrified fencing, heated water tank and salt/mineral feeder. Stalls are cleaned daily.


Trailering is available and we have a farrier on site. We also have an RV hookup available for short term use. The facility may be toured by appointment and we will be happy to discuss your boarding needs. References are also available.

Please contact us by email at: karefreeranch@yahoo.com or by phone at (989)848-5771